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IT Security


Network Security

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Vulnerability Scanning

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Hands-on training in our state-of- the-art LAB designed to give IT Professionals practical skills required to function in real world environments, providing compettitive edge over mere certificate qualifications.


Penetration Testing


To secure Companies IT infrastructure from threats emanating from hackers.




PCI DSS Compliance


Discover the power of IT Security


In our world today, Information Technology has become the bedrock of day-to-day living. Information are stored, retrieved and processed to achieve certain results. With the increased use of online transactions, many companies have been able to provide faster access to information to those that need them irrespective of their geographic location.

As these demand rises, threats to IT infrastructure have also become a common place and many corporations have paid heavy penalties arising from security breach of their IT infrastructure. The dimensions of these threats have now become a major source of worry to industries, Government Agencies, Public and  Private sectors, Banks and individuals as a whole.

The need to develop countermeasures to safeguard Companies IT assets has also become a major priority; and this explains the reason why companies have invested millions of pounds on IT security products and staff trainings.

 At Prichnetworks, our customers are assured end-to-end security protection and countermeasures, using latest skills and technology.

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